A Chinese tower defense mobile game, developed by Hypergryph and published by Yostar. It is available in Google Playstore and iOS appstore.
The player is put in the role of the Doctor, in charge of Rhodes Island, an organization tasked with investigating disasters caused by a mysterious ore known as Originium, and aiding those infected by Oripathy, caused by exposure to Originium. As the amnesiac Doctor clad in protective suit, the player is put in control over the characters known as Operators, tasked to eliminate the threats lurking from the rebel group known as Reunion.
The game was first announced in 2017. Between 2017 and 2019, it was briefly available for several short beta tests. The game was officially released on May 1st, 2019. International versions in Japanese and English were released Jan. 16th, 2020. The game is available in its native Chinese, Japanese, English and Korean, each with their own app clients. For the first few years of the game's lifetime, character voices were only available in Japanese regardless of region; however, Mandarin character voices were added in September 2021, with dialectal Chinese voices for the Sui siblings added later, and English and Korean character voices were added in late June 2022.
In 2022, a spinoff RPG game, Arknights: Endfield, was announced.
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