Android app
Because Google Play removed our app we are forced to publish it here. All problems should be reported here: issues tracker

Last version: 1.12.3 (69)

Sometimes you need to remove the old version of the app.


1.12.3 (69)

  1. Fix download pictures and notification for Android 7 (thanks F10n0) issue #18
  2. Fix notification icon for MIUI firmware.
  3. Add truly support PRE status of pictures.

1.12.2 (68)

  1. GIFs start working again.

1.12.1 (67)

  1. Update libraries.
  2. Port to okhttp3.
  3. New target SDK.
  4. Other small changes.

1.12.0 (66)

  1. We removed Google Play libraries and requirements.
  2. Add option for select download system.
  3. All content restrictions like on site.